When you think of IoT, most people think of the Internet and connecting things together. But there is also the intelligence of things—bringing that intelligence to the device.

Businesses are also taking advantage of IoT to increase productivity and efficiency. But in order for users to really gain value from these devices, the devices have to be able to send and receive data somehow.

Kintone is bringing the intelligence of things to the device by recently announcing new capabilities to bring voice commands to enterprise applications. “The goal is always to make a more efficient process,” said Dave Landa CEO of Kintone. “We envision a number of scenarios just like from a consumer standpoint where voice activation might just be the most productive, most efficient way to interact with the database and move a process forward.”

It is still the early days of voice recognition, and in order to really gain value from these commands, natural language is going to have to improve. However, Landa notes voice recognition has already been getting so much attention and effort from the consumer side that the business side will be able to benefit from all that work.

The initial integration was built using Amazon Alexa Voice Service and Amazon Echo, allowing the solutions to interact with IoT-enabled devices in areas like agriculture, retail, transportation, and energy. Going forward, Kintone is looking to build a platform and a foundation around enabling businesses and developers to add this capability to all connected devices. The company is building out its API and keeping an eye of voice recognition solutions that are rolling out.

“Our goal is to make teams work better globally and improve productivity. We just see this voice interface as a way to accomplish that,” said Landa. “It is something in which we see the future. It is a direction that the consumers are moving toward in terms of interfacing and accessing data, moving things along and taking action.”

Read Dave Landa's full interview on IoT integration here.

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