Cloud Expo NYC, the single show where delegates and technology vendors can meet to experience and discuss the entire world of the cloud, is less than a month away and the Kintone team can't wait to be back on the ground.

We had a great time presenting and exhibiting last year. We also heard a lot from thought leaders about the top trends in cloud computing, IoT, online databases, bimodal platforms, and enterprise-level digital transformation. 

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To get a sneak peek at what we can expect this year, we spoke with Cloud Expo and Things Expo Conference Chair, Roger Strukhoff.

Kintone: What are you looking forward to most this year at Cloud Expo East?

RS: The great trend towards integrating devops into organizations of all sizes continues. I'm really looking forward to presentations and conversations that cover how organizations are integrating the worlds of cloud, big data, and sometimes even the IoT into a more devops-oriented environment of continuous integration and deployment.

Kintone: What are some of the top cloud computing trends every enterprise should be following?

RS: "The IoT is a Mess" is the topic of one of the panels I'll lead this year, and I think it is an overview of all the stuff people should be following. There are numerous protocols, platforms, languages, frameworks, and processes involved in cloud computing in general and the IoT in particular -- and that's a very good thing for buyers of IT. There's never been such a great toolbox available for enterprises to do what they need to do.

Kintone: What will the IT department of a large enterprise look like 20 years from now?

RS: One the on hand, dataflows will be much, much higher. Data has already reached more than 1 million petabytes on the Internet, and continues to double every three years. Driving that are all the mobile devices, and increasingly, IoT deployments. To handle it, enterprises will be using more multi-cloud environments, a combination of on-premises resources and public cloud. One big change could be the nature of datacenters, which I think will actually have smaller footprints as they will need to handle more and more data at the edges of IoT deployments.

On the other hand, the traditional problems of reliability, availability, and serviceability will never go away. So the enterprise IT shop will still fundamentally be working to handle data, get it where it needs to go, and do it quickly and securely.

Kintone: What’s your take on the rising “citizen developer” movement? And how does it relate IoT?

RS: Citizen developers, makers, and the whole world of open-source development adds a unique layer of innovation into the enterprise, something that simply can't be replicated by corporate dictum or policy. So many people all over the world are playing with Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards, for example, and creating the beginnings of tomorrow's infrastructure along the way.

Watch Kintone COO Dave Landa's interview with Roger at last year's Cloud Expo:

Kintone: Who should attend Cloud Expo East and why?

RS: We've always offered great value to developers, who can experience the world of cloud computing and all that it entails in just a few days. Increasingly, we appeal to IT executives who need to learn about the big trends, see use cases that show real-world examples of those trends, and learn about what's just around the corner. Technology is moving so quickly that if you fall even six months behind, you can cost your company a lot of opportunity and competitive advantage.

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