Earlier this month, we changed our official company name from Cybozu Corporation to Kintone Corporation. Why?

What is Cybozu?
Cybozu is our parent company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. As an industry leader in collaboration and office software in Japan, Cybozu creates award-winning solutions that have been empowering teams for the past 20 years. Cybozu roughly translates from Japanese to "Cyber kid" and is illustrative of Cybozu's fun and disruptive take on technology and IT solutions. 
So what is Kintone?
Until this month, Kintone was just the name of our award-winning Enterprise Application Platform as a Service. Now it is also our company name (Kintone Corporation).
But really, what is a "Kintone"?
In Chinese and Japanese mythology, "kinto'un" (Kintone) is the name of a magical, transforming cloud that carries its passengers at incredible speeds. Because of the Kintone platform's ability to transform business and revolutionize team productivity, we chose "Kintone" as our name and the flying nimbus cloud as our logo.
Want to learn more about our company history and our team?
Check out the Kintone Our Story page or send us a question on Twitter!


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