Kintone traveled to Chicago to host its first Build a Biz App in 30 Mins workshop on Thursday, May 10th at WeWork Grant Park. Participants from various industries included health agencies, startups, consulting firms, and business owners.

Kintone was also joined by platform partners Matt Hubbard and John Bratincevic with Calabash Solutions. An evening full of delicious bites from Giordano’s and lively conversation pervaded the room as participants and Kintone staff made new connections and braced themselves for the engaging workshop ahead.

What happens at our Build a Biz App events? In a nutshell, attendees are guided through a short demo of how to build an application on Kintone before being let loose to partner up with others in the room to build their very own application. Thirty minutes, that’s all you need! We encourage participants to spend a couple minutes thinking about their own organizations and what kind of inefficiencies they would like to solve—whether it’s a project management application to streamline tasks or an expense report for human resources. Every team has a Kintone mentor on deck for any questions they might have.

At the event, we started participants off with some of our own business app ideas, including fun themes inspired by the Chicago scene. These included helping our favorite Chicago troublemaker, Kevin McCallister, create an expense report for the many purchases he made during his trip to New York. We were also swept by the hype of the latest Avengers movie (spoiler alert!) and thought we could step in and help Nick Fury recruit for the dwindling team of Avengers to defeat Thanos. Even superheroes know that the smartest way to tackle big projects (like the faith of humanity) is best done with a project management application in Kintone.

Once the thirty minute time limit was up, it was presentation time. Each team shared their application or their experience with one of our pre-made business app templates (if they chose not to build anything from scratch). The winners of our app building competition were Ecaterina and King, who blew the judges away with their creative project management application, titled Space X. Their application aimed to help Elon Musk track the tasks leading up to a successful rocket launch. Ecaterina and King walked away with a Google Mini, one of many great prizes available at our Kintone event

Kintone will host more Build a Biz Apps in 30 Mins workshops across the U.S.; upcoming locations include Dallas, Boston, San Jose, and San Francisco. If we are coming to a city near you or you have friends in those cities, we would love for you and your colleagues to join!


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