Looking to organize your app list or just do a little Kintone spring cleaning? If there are Kintone apps you no longer need or use, you can easily delete them within the App Settings of the specific app.

Follow these simple steps to delete an app:

  1. From the app you'd like to delete, click the Gear wheel on the right.
  2. Navigate to the App Settings tab and select Delete This App under Management.
  3. Click Delete to confirm. 

But please note: 

  • Once you delete an app, you cannot undo the action. If you'd like to export the data from the app before deleting, see Exporting Records to a File.
  • Apps referred to as a Datasource App by other apps or templates cannot be deleted. To delete the app, you must first delete the field creating the link between the two apps. 

For a walkthrough on how to delete an app containing a link to a Datasource App, check out the video below!

Have further questions? Please email support@kintone.com.

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