The demand to swiftly access data and take action on the go has increased these past years. Total mobile data traffic is expected to be five times higher by 2024 from a report by Ericsson.

For those who are already a Kintone Mobile App power user, and to those who are new to the mobile app, we have a very exciting announcement. Kintone’s new mobile app has been released today, June 10th!

Kintone’s Product Manager shared how the New Mobile App Project started. “Based on our user survey, we learned that although Kintone’s users were not satisfied with the mobile app, more users were using it in their workplace than ever before. We realized there needed to be a major update.” The update aims to enhance the users’ usage of mobile and to provide a seamless experience between mobile and web. “The overall structure and navigation have been renewed to align with the current Kintone’s data structure,” the designer shared with passion.


3 Improved Experiences You’ll Notice Right Away with Kintone’s New Mobile App

1. Finding Data Became Way Faster

With the new menus, it’s now easier to navigate through pages on the mobile app. You can access your apps, spaces, and personal walls right away.

Kintone New Mobile App Screenshot 1

You can also search the entire platform with the keyword search within spaces, apps, and files. I have been waiting for this feature, and have experienced my productivity on mobile has increased tremendously with this new feature.

Kintone New Mobile App Screenshot 2


2. Understanding Data Became Intuitive

The old mobile app only showed the record’s title of the app, and it was impossible to get the overview. The updated app allows you to have the same experience as the desktop, allowing you to not just see one list, but all your custom list views.

Kintone New Mobile App Screenshot 3

On top of that, you can now access the Comments and History tab without saving the record or writing your comment. Now easily check the record detail while you write your comment, or check the history log and comment to update the record.

Kintone New Mobile App Screenshot 4


3. Taking Action on the Fly Became Convenient

Prior to the update, checking notifications have been a hassle by navigating back to the notifications page every time. The new mobile app experience allows you to check notifications from any page. Just click on the bell icon on the top right, then pull and release the notification panel to refresh your notifications.

Kintone New Mobile App Screenshot 5



Another great feature added to the mobile experience is the Action Button. Now you can take advantage of the automated workflow, and assign new tasks, create an expense report, or ask for approval with a click of a button!

Kintone New Mobile App Screenshot 6


What else?

Flexibility for the mobile experience increased. CSS files can now be uploaded for mobile through the JavaScript & CSS settings of the app.


Get the New Kintone Mobile App

The new app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play. Setting up the Kintone Mobile App can be found on our help doc, but if you have any questions, reach out to your Kintone representative or contact us.

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