Nonprofits can now leverage Kintone to easily build custom business and database applications for program management, donor relationship management, operations, fundraising and more.

“Our no-code platform is ideal for nonprofits. They can now take control of creating specific applications with no coding expertise whatsoever,” said Dave Landa, COO of Kintone. “Kintone For Nonprofits eliminates the need to spend money on hiring IT staff or consultants which allows them to designate more funds, and time, to achieving their core objectives.”

Adaptive Sports USA, a premier resource for sport and recreation opportunities in the U.S., is already putting Kintone For Nonprofits to work by using it to simplify the program registration process. The 501(c)(3)-designated organization promotes athletic development through education, coaching and competition. It is recognized by the United States Olympic Committee as a multi-sport organization and is the sole U.S. member of the International Wheelchair & Amputee Sports Federation; providing athletes with access to international competitions.

“As a nationally recognized nonprofit, we attend to the needs of athletes with disabilities through a variety of programs and resources that support their passions,” said Kate Wright, manager of office operations for Adaptive Sports USA. “We saw an immediate fit for the Kintone platform as a solution that could simplify our program registration process and analysis of client registration data which we now spend a great deal of time on. By taking the complexity out of these tasks, we can spend more time creating and rolling out great programs for our athletes.” 

Pricing and Availability

Kintone for Nonprofits is available now. Pricing for organizations that qualify as a non-profit with 501(c)(3) status starts at $150 per year for 50 users. You can find the full press release here and more information on eligibility here.


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