Cloud technologies likes kintone's business application platform is empowering lines of business leaders to solve some of their greatest process and operational challenges. It's also helping IT departments decrease operating costs, skip lengthy legacy upgrades and reduce delivery cycles.

While leveraging the cloud is important for any enterprise to maintain competitive advantage, concerns over data security and privacy come up for companies dealing with a large amount of confidential information.


kintone's industry-leading security practices and enforcement keep your data safe. Unlike many services that consolidate many customers into the same one login screen, kintone issues each customer an exclusive, private subdomain to isolate your information from other customers and to reduce exposure, all at no extra charge.


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Here are some other enterprise-level kintone use to keep your data safe.


Data Encryption in transit is enabled using SSL security protocols. This ensures your data being transmitted from your browser to our servers remains secure.


Data at Rest Encryption scrambles any inactive data stored within our servers. kintone uses a 512 bit key length encryption scheme, the same used in Windows BitLocker and OS X FileVault.


Client Certificate Authentication heightens security and convenience using 2-Factor Authentication. This ensures only authorized devices of approved team members can access company applications and data, allowing your workers to access kintone no matter their location. Should a mobile device be lost, that device’s access to kintone can be immediately and permanently revoked, leaving your data safe from unauthorized access, all without disrupting your other users.


Group and User Access Controls enable administrators at companies with vast departments can easily manage who has access to certain users and departments. With access controls, administrators can restrict users in one department or region from viewing users in another.


Monitor and Audit active sessions and login activity to detect suspicious activity in your kintone account. If you’re an administrator, you can review user's account activity like log-in origination, the browser used, operating system, and IP address. kintone also retains audit information per record and fieldkintone can meet any necessary requirements with complete platform activity audit log review and download capabilities. 


Single-Sign On (SSO) with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) – Enables your IT team to utilize single sign on services for added security and convenience.


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