Amazon released a whirlwind of next generation cloud technology for business and beyond in its fifth year of AWS re:Invent.

Among the dozens of new features coming to the Amazon public cloud, several new artificial intelligence offerings presented interesting integration opportunities with Kintone. Our developers couldn't wait to test drive them. Within hours of Amazon's AI announcements, our Kintone developers had a couple functional beta integrations built out on the platform. Here's a closer look at what Amazon announced and how Kintone is leveraging those capabilities. 


Amazon Rekognition

This new deep-learning service makes it easy to add image recognition, categorization, and facial analysis to applications. Rekognition not only detects objects and scenes, but also sentiment in faces. Developed by Amazon's computer vision scientists and utilizing deep neural network models, Rekognition already analyzes billions of images daily for Prime Photos.


Demo Concept of Analyzing Photos in Kintone with Amazon Rekognition

In this case, a Kintone developer used Rekognition's API to build a simple demo scenario in Kintone that stores a photo as a record and then analyzes the photo's contents. 


Record View of Kintone

Developers: Learn How to Configure Kintone with Amazon Rekognition 


Amazon Polly

This is a text-to-speech (TTS) service powered by deep learning to let you create applications that talk and to build speech-enabled products. Polly includes 47 lifelike human voices in 24 languages making it easier to scale your product or service at a global level. It takes a text input and returns an MP3 file that can support real-time and interactive dialog. Developers can use either the AWS Console or API to “synthesize speech” into an audio format.

Simple Use Case of Kintone & Amazon Polly

Kintone partner developer Joyzo tried a simple use case that allows users to input the text you want to convert to voice and play it right within a Kintone record.


Developers: Learn How to Configure Amazon Polly with Kintone

Kintone also unveiled the first use case of an Amazon Alexa Voice Services-powered low-code enterprise application. By leveraging Amazon’s Alexa Voice Services (AVS) and the Amazon Echo, Kintone makes it simple to streamline business processes using voice commands and enterprise applications. 

Kintone and AVS is able to interact with a variety of IoT-enabled devices, such as sensors being used in agriculture, retail, transportation, energy, and more, to power data collection and analysis for automated and efficient operations throughout the supply chain. 

Run routine business processes like creating database records, push processes and complete data fields all with your voice using Kintone + Amazon Alexa for business.

Kintone’s no-code, drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to build custom applications with live data sets to run using Amazon Alexa’s skills package. 

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