“Kintone has literally been a lifesaver for me.  It helps me work smarter, not harder." – Joy Baldree

Joy Baldree is the Executive Director at New Education for the Workplace, Inc (NEWCorp), a educational organization that management services for academic programs that serve highly at-risk students.

With 7 charter schools and over 2000 students overseen by geographically separated faculty and staff members, Joy needed an efficient data management system that can allow her team to not only track and share data across multiple campuses, but also foster efficient collaboration across the team.

Tracking and Managing Data

Kintone has helped NEWCorp solve its database management needs by enabling Joy to easily upload an Excel spreadsheet and create instant tracking systems for the charter schools.

"I enjoy the feature that allows me to create a new view and drill down into the data, sort, disaggregate, and provide focused data views," Joy said. "This is huge for us.”

So far, Joy has been able to create a Graduation Tracker that allows her to separate students by variables such as cohort year, credits they need, the tests that they need to pass, etc.

“Having the marketplace has helped tremendously, but being able to create my own specific apps easily is also useful," she said. "The ease of creating in Kintone is the best feature because it is very user friendly.”

Creating Efficient Collaboration

Joy’s team further utilizes Kintone’s collaboration features to connect staff from each school. The Spaces feature allows Joy to create private discussion boards for conversations with her regional directors, as well as public discussion boards that are open for the entire staff.

Using Kintone’s customizable application development platform, Joy created a tool called an FTE (enrollment) monitor that helps the organization graphically monitor enrollment numbers at all of the schools. 

“I put these graphs up as an announcement so it becomes a 'dashboard' that all see at log in," she said. To keep everyone on task, Joy created a shared To-Do board for herself, her administrative assistant, and two regional directors. This helps me manage what is on our plate and what we are working on together and separately," she added.

Many nonprofit and education providers are unable to afford hefty IT costs to create a platform from scratch that is perfectly suited for staff and educators' specific needs. Kintone allows educators to create their own custom business applications without needing to know how to code.

About Kintone for Non-profits

Special Kintone pricing is available to all organizations that qualify as a non-profit with 501(c)(3) status. 

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