In only a couple of hours, I was able to build some apps for our new client named Nicholas who hails from the North Pole (he's kind of a big deal).

Nicholas wanted a single centralized portal where he could collaborate with both his production and delivery teams around shared data and processes so I created a portal for him. 

database application builder
The workflow starts when data (in this case mailed letters) are entered into the app "Letters to Santa". This data could be brought in using API using Kintone's open REST and JavaScript APIs, but in this case we used an Excel spreadsheet upload as you can see by the notification "File imported successfully!"
Using Kintone's filtering feature, I created a view that only shows those records where good deeds had been completed. This is called the "Nice" record list view.
online database application builder
cloud based low-code application builder
For those records with Deed Types marked "Good" a branched workflow helps automate the process by designating whether the recipient will be delivered a Toy or Coal.
At each stage in the process, there is an assignee (Santa in the case of deliveries) or a group of assignees (Elves department in the case of production) that must then take action to move the process along.
There are many other features as well such as automated notifications and reminders, but what Nicholas really appreciated was the collaboration piece of Kintone. Working with a large team that needs to complete deadlines means that everyone needs to be on the same page in order for his annual project to be successful.
  Nicholas will be automatically informed of notifications and reminders during his busy schedule
Nicholas and Rudolph coordinating Christmas Eve deliveries in a Kintone thread!np010.png
Happy Holidays!
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