March Kintone product updates will take effect on March 13, 2022. 


Feature Improvements
Feature Improvements

New Features

Displaying the Total Attachment Size for Each App in App Management
Added the ability to show each app's total attachment file size in GB, allowing you to find out which apps are taking up a large amount of disk space. The values are updated daily.
Product Updates


Feature Improvements 

Clearing All Specified Filter Conditions with One Click
Added a "Clear All" button to the "Filter" dialog on the record list page. It allows you to remove all selected conditions with just one click of a button.
Product Updates
Improved Setup for Lookup and Related Records
Drop-down lists for selecting fields have been replaced with combo boxes on the Lookup Settings dialog and the Related Records Settings dialog. When you start to type the field's name, it will filter to display fields that match the text. This allows for a quick and easy setup. 
Product Updates
Display List of Fields in a Fixed Position on Form Settings 
When scrolling in the form settings page, the fields on the left pane are now displayed in a fixed position. This eliminates the display lag while scrolling. 
Product Updates
Product Updates
Available Update Options 
Update Options is a tool that allows administrators to control how Kintone updates are applied. Using the options, administrators can choose when to roll out updates to their team. 
To access Update Options, click the gear wheel to the left of the search bar and select "Kintone Administration." Select "Update Options" under "Other." 
Three options are available: 
Product Update
In March Updates, the following features can be applied to the Update Options: 


Available Feature


❶ Disable New Features

Faster Loading of App Forms Containing Related Records

The feature can be disabled until the May Update is released.

Zooming In and Out in Image Viewer

 ❷ Preview New Features


 ❸ New Features in Development

Improved Error Messaging When Failing to Import a File

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