In this video, you'll learn how to quickly manage all of your apps with Kintone's App Management tool.

Besides allowing you to create new apps and delete, App Management also shows the following information for each app in the platform:

  • ID - automatically assigned by the system when the app is created
  • Name - when clicked, the app will open in a new tab
  • Change Settings - when clicked, the app settings will open in a new tab
  • App Group - shows whether the app belongs to the Public or Private app group
  • Status - shows whether the app is Activated, Not Activated, or Changed
  • Records - shows the number of records currently in this app
  • Fields - shows the number of fields currently in this app
  • API Requests per Day - shows the highest number of function calls made to the Application Programming Interface for this app in a given day
  • Updated By - shows the user who last updated the settings of the app
  • Updated Datetime - shows the date and time the settings of the app were last updated

For more information on managing apps, click here or check out the video below!

Have further questions? Please email or explore the Kintone Help Center.

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