September Kintone product updates will take effect on September 12, 2021. 


Feature Improvements

Mobile Updates


Feature Improvements

New Links to Help Topics
Relevant help links have been added to the Personal Settings, Imported Files, and Exported Files pages. 
Ex) Personal Settings

Available Update Options 
Update Options is a tool that allows administrators to control how Kintone updates are applied. Using the options, administrators can choose when to roll out updates to their team.
Three options are available: 
Product Update
In September Updates, the following features can be applied to the Update Options: 


Available Feature


 ❶ Disable New Features




Adding a Space to Your Favorites

The feature can be disabled until the November update is released.

Smart Guides to Align Fields on the App Form

Expanded Date Range Available in the Date_Format Function

Ability to Filter Records on Mobile

The feature can be disabled until the February update is released. 

Removed Unnecessary Page Display on Mobile 

 ❷ Preview New Features


 ❸ New Features in Development


Moving an App from inside/outside a Space to anywhere you have permissions  

Improved Error Messaging When Failing to Import a File 


Mobile Updates

Ability to Filter Records
You can now use filters on mobile to display specific records based on set conditions. This allows you to quickly find the records you need. 
To Filter Records on Mobile: 
Product Updates
On mobile, you cannot save the view you're setting up, with or without administrator permissions.
Switching between the filtered view and the record details:
Quickly go back and forth between the filtered records and the record details by tapping Filter.
Product Updates
Removed Unnecessary Page Display 
We have removed unnecessary pages that display when transitioning from email notification to the mobile app. 
Product Updates
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