It’s time to let your boss know you’re ready to be a company hero by attending Kintone Connect November 3rd in San Francisco.

You’ll learn about collaboration and communication tools faster than a speeding bullet! You’ll gain problem solving skills more powerful than a locomotive! You’ll be able to leap big data in a single bound! After you’ve been to Kintone Connect, you’ll have powers and abilities far beyond those of ordinary team leaders. 

Kintone helps you capitalize on digital tools that increase team collaboration, boost efficiency, transform business processes, and enhance citizen developer skills in the workplace.

 You’ll gain real-life, hands-on knowledge you can use right away such as:

  • Connecting to Your Future: Become the problem solving hero in your office by learning new skills to enhance productivity and streamline operations.
  • Connecting to Your Team: Learn how collaborative technologies can increase team efficiency and communication in the workplace.
  • Connecting  to your Data: Get the tools, insights and inspiration you need to make smarter decisions with big data. 

Here's why else your boss should send you to Kintone Connect.

Become a Problem-Solving Hero

Every team needs a hero, and every project needs one, too.
Kintone Connect will help make sure that superhero is you! 

Tell your boss Kintone Connect’s one day conference will expand your digital transformation utility belt, helping you solve both every-day and mission critical-problems across your company and within your work groups. With change leaders from around the galaxy sharing knowledge on digital workplace tools and best practices, the inspirational talks and collaborative workshops will give you superhero powers you’ll use in a flash! 

Learn from the Knowledge League

Superstar teachers and speakers from Great Places to Work, The Coding Dojo, The Growth Engine Company, and more will take the stage with thought-provoking group presentations as well as brainstorm sessions in intimate workshop settings. A league of digital transformation professionals will expose you to a diverse network of businesses and widen the scope and influence of your partnership ecosystem.

Sharing best practices that enhance efficiency, communication and collaboration, Kintone Connect will empower you and help you drive agile innovation. Citizen developers will hear use cases that provide a better understanding of how to leverage cloud-based digital tools to support team collaboration and transform business processes that affect the bottom line.

Join Kintone Connect’s Newest Hero

Your boss will want you to hear Julian Lute, Organizational Culture Consultant from Great Place To Work is one of Kintone’s heros. Julian will be at Connect speaking about "how leaders and teams can take collaboration to the next level.  An organization’s people are still its most valuable asset. It can be a challenge to keep human connections meaningful in the digital landscape. In today’s digital workplace, there are amazing tools that can be leveraged to enhance, not replace, human to human interactions.” 

Smash Slow, Outdated Processes

Your boss knows collaboration is the key to success. Kintone’s low-code application development platform and toolkit quickly connects, organizes, and visualizes information and workflows. Slow, outmoded processes go KaPow! with lightning-fast citizen-developed digital tools that drive efficiency, innovation, and most of all, enhance human connections.  

Reveal Your Secret Identity

Now that your boss (and you) knows why you must be at Kintone Connect, it’s time to release your inner superhero with a day of immersion of all things digital. Join us in beautiful San Francisco, November 3rd at the Mission Bay Conference Center. But don't wait!

Click here to register for limited 25% off tickets with discount code 'TEAMHERO'


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