August product updates will take effect on August 10, 2018.

Added Features

Create New Apps From Template File (New Function) 

Note: This update is only applicable to Kintone Administrators (ie: Admin privileges are required to be able to view and use this new function.)
With this new function, you can create a New App from a "Template file" in the Kintone Marketplace. Kintone Administrators can now bypass Template Import by immediately creating a new app from the Template Zip File.
Product Update
With this new "Create from Template File" feature, Template Files that have already been Exported no longer need to be Imported into the Template repository before adding them to a sub-domain. Instead, Kintone Administrators can now bypass the Template repository step and directly Import App Templates from a File into a new subdomain via the Kintone Marketplace.

For further details, see the following help articles:

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