Kintone, Lanner and Wireless Glue are joining forces to help businesses unlock the potential of Industrial IoT solutions by bridging the gap between Industrial IoT solutions and Line of Business teams.

“We are entering a new era in business in which enterprise applications will rapidly move to blend the physical and digital worlds, and as a result, Line of Business teams outside of IT are increasingly demanding access to valuable IoT systems and data.” said Peter McCabe, Wireless Glue CEO. “However, while cheap sensors are making it possible to collect and utilize large volumes of real-time data from Industrial machinery, processing that data requires a fundamentally different architecture than traditional batch processing applications.”

“Today, businesses are struggling to effectively utilize Industrial IoT solutions and data and most data collected from these industrial machinery sensors exists in silos in many different data formats - causing most traditional enterprise application architectures to be largely disconnected from real-time IoT architectures.” said Dave Landa, Kintone CEO. “In effect, Line of Business teams outside of IoT have limited access and control over IoT workflows and actions.”

The solution being showcased at IoT World Conference this week proves that connecting the data and sensors in the Industrial IoT space can be aggregated, formatted, secured and passed up to real-world business applications without a massive investment in hardware, software or manpower. "Interfacing various industrial protocols with the Wireless Glue software running on a semi-rugged Industrial Gateway made it easy to upload the data to Kintone's workflow application and integrate it with business requirements via a streamlined User Interface", explains Tim Casto, Lanner Industrial IoT Business Development Manager.

Visit us at IoT World Conference May 13-16, 2019 at Santa Clara Convention Center, Pod 39 in the Startup Elevate section to see our live demo and learn how we connect your line of Business Teams to your Industrial IoT Solutions.

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