An app description is the upper section in an app’s record list view that is visible to all users who open the app. Though you can write anything here, we have a few tips you can follow to make it easier for your team to navigate through Kintone and make the best of your apps.

First, navigate to the appearance settings:

  1. Click on the gearwheel in an app, and click on App Settings.
  2. Select Appearance under General Settings.

How to optimize this section:

  1. Using app groups will help when you have multiple apps working in tandem with each other. Keep them organized with a specific department or grouping.
  2. Use the bigger text option when writing the name of the app. This’ll make it easier for users to understand which app they’re in.
  3. Use this area to describe what the app is used for. If you have a process management or workflow, you can also reiterate the steps here for your users.
  4. If you have any connected apps or frequently accessed websites related to this app, you can link it in this section for ease of access. 

There are quite a few other things you can do with this section, but these tips make it easier for your users to understand the purpose of each app and how they work together for your workflow.

Check out the video below for more details!

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