The latest from Kintone's product development lab brings you the ability to easily create a New App from a "Template file" in the Kintone Marketplace. Kintone Administrators can now bypass Template Import by immediately creating a new app from the Template Zip File.

Exported app template files no longer need to be Imported into the Template repository before adding them to a sub-domain. Instead, Kintone Administrators can directly Import App Templates from a File into a new subdomain via the Kintone Marketplace.

What types of people/companies would benefit from this new function? 

  1. Companies with Multiple Subdomains
    • App Templates are great for companies with multiple subdomains because it allows them to reuse the same apps/workflows. Now it's easier to create the new apps with the Template File. 
  2. Consulting Firms
    • Consulting Firms are constantly creating great apps for their clients and a lot of them overlap and need the same basic features for the same use cases. The Firms can export their templates and create their own library of Kintone App Template Files. When they start building out the system for their new client, they can quickly create the new apps by selecting a file from their library. 
  3. Kintone Partners 
    • Kintone Partners often find themselves creating apps in their own subdomain and then adding them into their clients subdomain. This new function will not only speed up that process, but will also be beneficial if their client needs to create the app from the file themselves. The partner will send the file and in a few clicks, a new app is created. 
  4. Companies Who Want to Save App Versions in a Version Control System
    • Companies can regularly export snapshots of their templates into a version control system, then reimport them if they need to revert to a previous version of the template.
How to Create an App from a Template File
This update is only available to Kintone Administrators (ie: Admin privileges are required to be able to view and use this new function.)
  1. From portal Home, to the right of Apps, click the Plus icon(+).
  2. Click Create from Template file.
  3. Browse for the desired Template Zip File.
  4. Click Create App. 

For further details, see the following help articles or check out the video below:

Want to test this feature out yourself? Download this App Template file: Zip File to Test Creating an App from Template File

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