We all have our favorite Views in Kintone to quickly glance at the data and information we need to best do our jobs.

But in order to save Views in Kintone, you need to have created the app, be granted permission by the app creator or by a Kintone Administrator. Options for a Kintone Administrator might seem limited with choices to either give your end user permission to manage the entire app, create the views needed for each of your end users and create a long list of views, or tell them they have to go in and filter records every time they enter the app.

Then there's the fourth option we often forget: have your end users create their Views and save them as a Bookmark in Kintone. Voilà!

 To Create and Save a View as an End User:

  1. From within an app, click the Funnel icon and set your filter conditions for your view.
  2. Click Apply.
  3. Click the Star icon on the top left and click the Plus icon.
  4. Change the name of the bookmark and click OK

As an End User, you can now quickly access your filtered view from any page in Kintone. To review how to create a bookmark from a filtered view, check out the video below!


Have further questions? Please email support@kintone.com.

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