The corporate “citizen developer movement” is expanding.  End users can now develop and deploy professional business applications that produce sustainable improvements in process efficiency, workflow automation and task management.

Enterprise IT leaders now have the unprecedented capability to address the issues caused by “shadow IT systems” and safely encourage their end users to develop applications that are enterprise-grade in quality and security.

Kintone:  Enterprise-Ready

Kintone is an aPaaS (application Platform as a Service) that enables citizen developers to personally design and deploy digital workspaces, workflow automation applications and process management systems. The app-development learning curve is measured in hours for most end users.

Originally developed and deployed in Japan, Kintone was released in the U.S. in 2014 and recognized by Gartner in its 2016 aPaaS magic quadrant. The Kintone client base now reaches past 5,000 with citizen developers who have launched more than 300,000 applications.


End-User Digital Entrepreneurism 

Digital Workspaces | Convenient File Sharing
Citizen developers can deploy Kintone to meet the needs of departmental-level file sharing within collaborative groups. Whereas collaboration portals must often be designed to reflect the specific needs of a project, Kintone’s data sharing workspaces can be adapted in real-time.  Multiple projects can be managed within shared digital workspaces, and Kintone’s access management features support enterprise-grade application security protocols.

Group Collaboration | Task-Driven Workflow

Deploying group workflow and task-driven collaboration within systems such as SharePoint often requires the support of the IT department. Kintone’s no-code visually-elaborated workflow provide end users with the capability to define their own management apps within collaborative digital workspaces.  These systems can be viewed and monitored from remote dashboards so as to end the issue of “shadow systems” into which the IT department has no visibility.

Instant Deployment | Mobile Platforms

Kintone is deployed its own secure, enterprise-tested cloud environment. When Kintone apps are launched, individuals and groups have instant access to their digital workspaces. End users can leverage their digital entrepreneurism by automatically deploying their apps into mobile device environments. This feature enables citizen developers to “take their projects into meetings” and work in real time from locations outside of the office.

Workflow Elaboration | Real-Time Adaptation

IT department business analysts can engage Kintone’s rapid application development capabilities to provide their end users with an app development model-and-test workspace. Citizen developers can propose “new ways to do the work” then model them within their personal workspaces. IT business analysts are then positioned to provide process modeling and analysis support without the complexities of implementing a large-scale BPM project.

How an Enterprise IT Group Uses Kintone 

In this video, Mindy Lieberman, the CIO of Zendesk shares why her IT department has adopted Kintone as one of their favorites.


Enterprise IT Digital Entrepreneurism

Digital Workspaces | IT Department Participation

IT department resources can easily participate in their end users’ digital workspaces. This capability leverages the vision of one-on-one collaboration between departmental-level IT support experts and the end users they support.

Cross-Department Links | Connections Without Complexity

Kintone digital workspaces can be generated and linked between any end user within the company. This feature enables IT organizations to deploy sanctioned cross-department data sharing and workflow applications on a per-user/as-needed basis.

Access Management | Security Collaboration

Kintone’s granular layers of system security provide IT departments with the capability to collaborate on app security then monitor the system in real time. Strategic IT security policies can then be reflected and upheld within each of the deployed Kintone apps.

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