The Feature Activation allows Administrators to enable and disable Email Notifications, Spaces, and the People feature.  This article will cover how to manage all the items under the Feature Activation. 

To navigate to Feature Activation:

  1. Click the gear wheel and select Kintone Administration.
  2. Under Other, select Feature Activation.
  3. Under Email Notifications:
    • Check the box Activate email notifications to enable notifications to be sent by email. 
    • Select HTML email or Plain text email for your email format.
    • Select Never send notifications or Send only notifications where I am mentioned as the default setting for a user's Personal Settings
    • Check the box Send REST API notifications by email to have an email notification sent when operations using the REST API have been performed in Kintone.
  4. Under Spaces and People:
    • Check the box Activate Spaces to activate the Space feature.
    • Check the box Activate Guest Spaces to activate the Guest Space feature.
    • Check the box Activate People and Private Messages to activate the People feature.

For a step by step walk through of Feature Activation, check out the video below!

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