Next up in our Kintone Connect speaker spotlight is Chuck Blakeman, founder of Crankset Group.  

As a best-selling author and thought leader, Chuck has been helping organizations reinvent themselves in the rapidly developing Participation Age and create engagement with their people.

What are you looking forward to about attending and speaking at Kintone Connect?

I am excited to be a part of this event! Anytime we can get together to make an impact on making the workplace a better place that is time well spent. There is massive convergence happening right now between organizational design and technology. Companies that understand this and embrace this will thrive and grow.

What will you be speaking about?

In the morning I am giving a broad talk called: "Rehumanizing business by giving everyone their brain back." The Industrial Age gave us great tools to get more work done, but stripped us of our brains and our humanity. Work in general has become very rote. We no longer think and ask questions. We have been turned into human doers who are little more than an extension of our machines. This is why work has become so wrecked for most people. The Participation Age is here now!

You are also doing a workshop in the afternoon.  What will people take away from this experience?

In the workshop we will cover some specific problems organizations are facing today due to a lack of engagement by their people. Companies embracing the Participation Age mindset are smashing hierarchy to stimulate growth.  We will go into some details how self-managed teams and organizations are achieving these results.  Attendees will walk away with some specific tools they can immediately use to help move their organization in this direction.

Who should attend Kintone Connect and why?

Anyone who is involved or interested in developing better processes, results and engagement regarding your people.  Unfortunately 70 percent of employees lack engagement with their work. and 51 percent have an active resume out on the street, meanwhile 86 percent would leave for another job with little consideration.  Come learn how to reorganize amid the newly emerging work world.  Creating engagement is not a process, but a result.  There will people who attend who have massive “Aha!” moments and will take massive action when they get back to work.

Your organization is doing some amazing things with small businesses in Africa.  Tell us about that.

Charities and non-profits have been working in Africa now for over 100 years and there is more poverty on the continent now than ever.  These groups have great intentions, but we will not solve poverty without creating micro economies that can sustain and grow.  Every successful economy around the world is built upon a foundation where 90 percent of the businesses have 10 or fewer employees.  There are between 20-30 million small business owners in the United States.   

We engage with local business owners in places like Congo and we buy their business and install them as the leader of the organization.  We then teach them and mentor them on all aspects of running a successful business.  Once things are growing and the right fundamentals are in place we sell them back 60 percent of the business for a discounted price.  We are not making any money here.  We will give them the other 40 percent is they will participate in helping another business owner through the same process.  The problems in Africa do not need our money, they need our minds, ideas and know-how.  

Great stuff! We enjoyed talking with you today Chuck.  See you in San Francisco in November for Kintone Connect!

About Crankset Group:  Crankset Group’s corporate services can support any organization that is embracing Participation and Sharing, and the need to engage everyone deeply at every level. Led by author, speaker, and international business advisor Chuck Blakeman, our team can help your company build a stronger culture, turn managers into leaders and employees into self-managed adult Stakeholders, and ultimately achieve long-term growth and stability.

About Kintone Connect:  This one-day conference will gather change leaders from around the world to share digital workplace tools and best practices through inspirational talks and collaborative workshops.  Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how to use digital tools to increase team collaboration, transform business processes, and enhance citizen developer skills in the workplace. You will be exposed to a diverse network of businesses to widen the scope and influence of your partnership ecosystem.

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