Halloween is almost here! What's not to love? Scary movie marathons, spooky decorations, candy galore, and of course: picking out your costume. Despite being fully remote this year, Kintonians continued their Halloween costume contest tradition. Virtual edition. 

This year, our wonderful HR team announced new categories for pumpkin carving, best couple costume, scariest costume, and the funniest costume. Our creative (and competitive) Kintonians for the most part prefer to make their own costumes. This makes for some one-of- a-kind creations, and this year was the best year yet! 

If you need some inspo or are looking for a fright, scroll down to view the contestants that were in the running for this year's costume contest. 

BUT FIRST...the Kintone application that made it all possible.

The Costume Contest app was created a few years ago, and since then has been managed by our HR team.

As you can see in the drop down view below, they've been adding a new list view every year. This means we don't need to create a new voting app every year, and we can look back at the past costumes. Views provide different ways to display data. You can chose from calendar view, list view, and custom view (allows for custom HTML coding). 

Halloween costume contest

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The Costume App also makes it really easy to view all the costumes at a glance in a single view. If you want to see the picture you can simply click into the record for more details. Once you're ready to cast your vote, all you have to do is click on the thumbs up icon to 'like' the costume and it will count as one vote. You can also see the total votes column where the likes are being tallied up.

Halloween costume contest

If you're entering the contest then you would click on the plus sign on the top right to start a new record. Below, you can see what the submission record looks like. You can add your photo, description, and using the drop down options under category, you can also select which category your costume falls under. The "I was.." section is only for the HR team to complete, this is where they list whether the participant won first, second, or third place. To the right you have the comments section where other members can ask questions or give kudos. 

Halloween costume

And now...the Halloween costumes! 

Category: Couple/Group Costume (including pets)

First place: Paw Patrol - Skye and Marshall

                          couples costume

Runner up: Eleven, Dustin and the Momogorgon from Stranger Things?

                  Halloween costume contest

Other contestants:

                                  Thing 1 through 4                  


                            Harry Potter Hogwarts Students   

                          Harry Potter costume       

              Chef cooking up some crab (ft. the apron I sewed last weekend)


Category: Funniest Costume

Three way tie for first place!

                                      1st: Bozuman Steve                     

                                  steve_bozuman                                                                       1st: Simpsons Marge and Maggie

                                 Halloween costume contest

1st: Sad Keanu Reeves

Halloween costume contest         

                         Runner up: Well-dressed Kintone Landa Panda 

                                   Halloween costume contest panda

Other contestants:


                                    jesus_me Halloween costume contest              

                                                                                                                                   Doraemon (Japanese cartoon character)

                                   Halloween costume contest Doraemon

                              Hot dog looking for the perfect bun


                                      Darth Vader in a Zoom meeting


Category: Scariest Costume

First place: Girl From The Ring

          The Ring costume

Runner up: RIP 2020 Plans: Disneyland, EDC, Cybozu Days, Visiting grandparents in Peru, spring break, etc😭😭

                              Halloween costume contest

Other contestants:

                                           Haunted Geisha                     

                                     Halloween Make Up                                                                                   

                                 How do I not have a girlfriend yet?

                            Halloween costume contest

Category: Pumpkin Carving

The only submission was SO GOOD that no one felt they could even compete. Automatic winner.

KT & Cannibal Jack- submitted by Larissa and Logan (his first time carving!)

                      pumpkin carving contest

Which costume was your favorite? Let us know in the comments! 



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