Kintone is all-in-one workplace platform to help you streamline tasks and organize data. Spaces in particular are an excellent way to communicate with other team members to keep the business on track for success.

When creating a Space, you can invite specific team members and then discuss and share information on a specific topic. Once you are in a space, you can create apps that link to that space. With these apps, you can manage information, documents, or To-Dos to be able to easily collaborate with your team.

Multiple Thread enabled Spaces have a similar view to Portal Home. This allows you to effectively communicate and collaborate with your team on a specific project or topic in one centralized location. Below you will find an overview of the key sections you will see when you enter a multiple thread enabled Kintone Space. 

Announcements: Similar to Portal Home Announcements, you can customize the announcement board within a Space. The contents within the Space announcement can be more specific towards the contents of the space. If you want to share new customers that have just joined or recent contact that has been made to customers, this information would be much better put inside a Customer Success Space Announcement over the main portal home.

Threads: Threads are discussion forums about different topics for team members to collaborate on. Threads are only located in Spaces and act as an open forum for discussion and communication. A multi-threaded space can have many discussion threads.  

Apps: aka, "In-Space App" is an app belonging to the space. Apps created within a space belong to that space and cannot be transferred to another.

People: This section shows you the members of the public or private space.

Related Apps & Spaces: Apps and spaces that are related to the content of a particular space can be linked by adding them to the Related Apps & Spaces section. This allows Space users to quickly access content that was not originally created within that specific space.

To take a quick walkthrough of a Space, check out the video below.

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