Kintone's permission settings in app allow you to easily determine who can manage, view, edit, and delete an app, record or field.

There are three levels of permissions you can set. 

  1. App Level
    • Allows you to determine which users, groups, or departments can view records, add records, edit records, delete records, manage the app, or import/export a file.
  2. Record Level
    • Allows you to restrict certain users, groups, or departments from viewing, editing, or deleting specific records if they meet a certain criteria.
  3. Field Level
    • Allows you to determine if certain users, groups, or departments can view or edit a specific field. 

This very powerful feature can sometimes take practice to understand. When in doubt, remembering that App Level takes priority over Record Level, and Record Level takes priority over Field Level. To learn more about how different levels interact with each other (and which you should use when setting permissions, watch the video below.

Have further questions? Please email or explore the Kintone Help Center.

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