What comes to mind when you think of Dojo? According to Urbandictionary, a Dojo is a place of training or a ninja training school. Now you might be wondering...is Kintone Developer Dojo a training school for ninja developers? Not quite! Read on for the answer.

On Thursday, April 12th we held our very first Kintone Developer Dojo at WeWork Montgomery in San Francisco. We were joined by kickass coders from all over the Bay Area, for a hands on workshop that introduced them to our rapid application development platform.

This fun night kicked off with a delicious build your own taco bar and networking.  Attendee received a free developer licenses and learned how to customize Kintone using JavaScript and REST APIs. Then it was mini hackathon time! Individuals split up into groups and crafted their own unique business apps on the platform.

Kintone Dojo Coding  San Francisco Event

The competition was fierce as teams wowed the judges with their creative demos but in the end AppAcademy won with their brilliant app that sorts movies based on actors, release date, and Oscars won.

Alexina Chong, member of the winning team shared her Dojo feedback with us,  “We had so much fun at the Dojo! The Kintone platform is intuitive to use, the hardest part was narrowing down which application we wanted to build-especially with our large AppAcademy group. We went with a movie sorting app because we can all relate to how hard it is to find the movie you want to watch, and flipping through endless titles. This was also our first time winning a hackathon as a team, it was so exciting!”

Alexina and her teammates from AppAcademy walked away with Amazon Echo’s and the praise of their peers.  

Laughs were shared, friends were made, and applications were coded. If you missed out on this Dojo, be sure to join us at the next Developer Dojo on June 14, and check out more event photos here.

Kintone Dojo Coding  San Francisco Event Kintone Dojo Coding San Francisco Event

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