Summer internship programs are great opportunities for students to get a glimpse of the corporate world and experience a role they’re curious about. We’ve seen past interns not just further develop their skill set, but grow as individuals and make long-lasting friends and mentors.

Saying sayonara to Kinterns (Kintone interns) is always bittersweet, but we’re proud to hear their accomplishments and learnings. Here’s what some of this year’s Kinterns had to say about their experiences:

San Francisco Tech Startup Kintone Intern Hirofumi-1
I am truly grateful to have my first internship at Kintone as it has greatly educated me both professionally and personally. My mentors have given me great freedom in what I could do as a sales engineer. Since I wanted to focus more on the technical side, they have given me a curriculum in which I was able to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After finishing the curriculum, they gave me opportunities to apply my new skills to real-world problems like making customization in their web services, which was very enjoyable and educational. They also provided a lot of resources to help and guide me through my journey. I definitely had an unforgettable summer, and it will be a valuable asset in my career.

- Hiro, Sales Engineer Intern


San Francisco Tech Startup Kintone Intern Eve Do-1

I am very thankful that Kintone offered me this internship, and believed in my potential even though I was lacking needed experience. To be introduced to the corporate, office culture through Kintone is honestly a blessing to me. Thanks to Kintone, I realized that work does not have to be stressful, and you do not have to only appreciate your colleagues and mentors on a surface level. In this short span, I also got to clearly understand my strengths, the weaknesses that I need to work on, and a better vision of where I want to go in life. Everyone in the office genuinely cared about my well-being here in the office and taught me many useful and valuable lessons, exposed me to so many different aspects of Marketing that I did not even know existed before. In this cozy start-up office, I got to know these folks, laughed with them, and created bonds that I would cherish for a long time to come.

- Eve, Marketing Intern


San Francisco Tech Startup Kintone Intern Justin

This summer I had the amazing opportunity of being an intern, or better known as a Kintern, under the Sales Engineer team at Kintone. I had a very fun and productive time while I was at Kintone. From learning about presenting to clients to building “Proof of Concepts” for team members, there was no shortage of learning life long skills that I will carry throughout my career. One of the most rewarding experiences was being able to present my work to team members and create content that will serve a future benefit to others in Kintone. My experience didn’t just translate to solely learning a bunch of technical knowledge. The inclusive and welcoming environment was collaboratively made by every Kintone member and helped to make me feel like part of the team, not just a temporary intern. I was able to grow in more ways than one as I made life-long connections with Kintone. Can’t wait to see where Kintone will go in the future!

- Justin, Sales Engineer Intern


My internship at Kintone taught me how to be an effective member of a team. Unlike my previous internship where I only had to report to my manager, I was given opportunities to contribute to projects that directly affected the business strategies of the company. With projects like these, there were times where I had to voice my opinion to senior members of the firm, including the CEO, and at first, it was hard to provide valuable input without bringing down the discussion. My reporting manager always gave me candid, critical, but always professional feedback which helped me grow as a team player and a pragmatic person. Everyone at Kintone was helpful and easy to approach which elevated my experience as a summer intern.

- Ken, Marketing Intern


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