Winter has arrived! On Game of Thrones, that is. If you’ve watched every grueling episode and are up-to-date with the last season, then hats off to you. This means you’ve made it through some of the absolute wildest moments in TV history. You’ve probably shed some tears at the loss of beloved characters, jumped out of your seat in frustration, had a couple of good laughs (thanks, Tyrion), and endured a handful of sleepless nights pondering what you witnessed. There is only so much pain a person can take, yet here you are, back for more.

GameofThrones_Kintonians Wildest Theories

Kintonians are right there with you as we plunge into the depths of the last season of Game of Thrones. We’re in this togetherfor Winterfell! We will finally find out who will take the Iron Throne.

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Below, we’ve shared our wildest theories on how this season will end:

Haokun: Jon and Dany will have a baby, and then Jon will die. Cersei will be killed by Jamie. Sansa will probably die. Arya will be the lady of Winterfell. If Sansa lives then she will probably marry Tyrion. 

Georgina: Jon will take the throne and those who died in battle will come back to life. The show must have a happy ending, they'll want to please their audience. 

Mike: The White Walkers wake up all the dead Starks and they join his army! I'm rooting for Jon Snow to win the Iron Throne but I think Dany will wind up with it somehow.

Bobby: Jon Snow sacrifices himself to kill the Night King. Daenerys tries to claim the Iron Throne alone, but Cersei kills her. All of the dragons are killed. Jaime then kills Cersei and tries to take the Iron Throne himself. But Tyrion kills him. Gendry is then the next rightful heir to the throne, as Robert Baratheon's son, so he becomes the rightful King, and Tyrion becomes the Hand of the King. Gendry marries Arya, who becomes Queen. The End.

Steve: Everyone will die! No one takes the throne! Actually, I don't even watch Game of Thrones.

Happy watching! What are your wildest theories? We’d love to hear them. Leave a comment below!

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