After many months of tinkering and tweaking, we are proud to announce that Kintopia, our new media website, is now online!

Kintopia is the global company blog for Kintone and our parent company Cybozu. Don't worry, the Kintone blog isn't going anywhere--we'll still be posting regular content about our company, product and doing business with heart.

However, as an expanding global player in the groupware industry, we also feel the need to get more involved in the global marketplace of ideas—and what better way to do so than to discuss those ideas with you, our readers! That’s why every Tuesday, we will be posting new articles that explore the frontiers of the future of work, shine a spotlight on recent trends in company culture, and discuss the relationship between corporations and society.

The times, they are a-changin’

It's undeniable that the business world is changing all around us. More and more companies are providing their employees with enticing amenities, from more relaxed business attire and fancy lunch bars to flexible hours and remote work. Executives are increasingly engaging in philanthropy, dedicating significant resources to social and environmental projects. 

At the same time, we are also in the age of the mega corporation, where profits and market share reign supreme. Workers are left feeling like just another number, fearing that as we enter the era of automation and artificial intelligence, their jobs will disappear entirely.

On Kintopia, we hope to further understand the evolving relationship between people, companies and communities. Our pieces contain the latest insights from experts, industry leaders and academics, but we leave it up to you to form your own opinions. Are we in the midst of the greatest workstyle revolution since the industrial era? Or are we stagnating in a second Gilded Age? Will millennials and Gen Z push the boundaries of tech integration and innovation? Or will their privilege and lack of experience destroy the work ethic of their forebearers?


So, will you join us?

Here at Kintone, we acknowledge the importance for us as a groupware company to be at the forefront of the debate around pressing work-related issues, like workstyle, teamwork, organizational culture, automation, and the place of companies in society. Rather than do the analysis for ourselves and keep our ideas in-house, we feel it’s important to share our findings with the world and foster a global discussion on how together, we can make work better.

Come join the discussion at, and don't hesitate to let us know what you think on our Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. We look forward to embarking with you upon this journey into the future of work!

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